April 1938. The Gathering Storm is the second novel in the Rogues Trilogy. The story continues from Churchill's Rogue when Winston Churchill asked a former adversary, Sean Ryan, for his help to find a woman and child who were being hunted by the Alpha Wolves.


"Englander, I will position a mirror in front of you, so that you will see yourself transformed by the blade in my hand into the most hideous creature the world has ever seen."

‘After reading the first book in this trilogy, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second one. Some of the characters that I had grown to love were in direst peril at the end of the first book so I needed to know what was happening to them. This is surely a clear sign of a storyteller worth reading. This book didn’t disappoint. Just as good as the first and I cannot wait to get the third and final instalment.’
— Amazon review - 2014