New Year’s Eve 1964. Young Irishman, Lochran Ryan, is being transported by Special Branch to a secret rendezvous with Sir Winston Churchill. Just as he arrives, a sniper tries to kill the statesman. But why kill a man who the world knows is gravely ill? This is the first of many questions that Lochran tries to answer. His quest for the truth takes him from New York, to London and Moscow, where he encounters the most ruthless criminal gangs, including Delafury – a one man crime organisation – who warns Lochran that a new force is rising that will change the world.

Churchill’s Assassin is the first in the Lochran Trilogy, an epic tale that will turn your blood to ice as the world's most notorious criminal masterminds gather to strike at the one man who may discover their secret.


'A riveting political thriller. Due the strength of characterization and plotting, the story reels you in immediately. Although Ryan and Churchill make for strange bedfellows, the concept nevertheless works brilliantly. Churchill’s Assassin is a fine mixture of historical detail, thrilling action, and detailed characterization, making for a riveting spin on one of the world’s greatest statesman that will have readers eager to pick up the next book in the series.'

Editor, Self-Publishing Review August 2017