"Fleming's successor!" 

Amazon review, Churchill's Assassin, 8th May 2017


The Rogues Trilogy

The Lochran Trilogy


The Benevolence of Rogues: An autobiography

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'Righten has been in the wrong place at the right time since the 1980s'. Ham & Highgate Express: Arts Review, May 2013

"Having smashed a desk over my head Ant, my psychotic classmate, later defended himself saying that "Righten was carrying a threatening object in his hand". Ant's hatred for books was on a par with Adolf Hitler's.

December 1937. The first in the Rogues Trilogy, the story of a small band of men and women and their attempts to save families fleeing pre-war Nazi Germany


"He had the stealth of a large cat, akin to a panther that Churchill had stumbled across one evening when he served as a young soldier fighting in the Sudan. The animal wandered alone, watching everything, trusting no one."
“Dark, violent, stomach-punching, breath-taking and nail-bitingly brilliant”
— Amazon review 2013


April 1938. The Gathering Storm is the second novel in the Rogues Trilogy. The story continues from Churchill's Rogue when Winston Churchill asked a former adversary, Sean Ryan, for his help to find a woman and child who were being hunted by the Alpha Wolves.


"Englander, I will position a mirror in front of you, so that you will see yourself transformed by the blade in my hand into the most hideous creature the world has ever seen."

‘After reading the first book in this trilogy, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second one. Some of the characters that I had grown to love were in direst peril at the end of the first book so I needed to know what was happening to them. This is surely a clear sign of a storyteller worth reading. This book didn’t disappoint. Just as good as the first and I cannot wait to get the third and final instalment.’
— Amazon review - 2014


November 1938. In the final months leading up to the outbreak of World War II, as the Rogues’ Trilogy closes with The Darkest Hour.

“Absolutely absorbing, gory, blood splattered tale. Full of twists and turns. Read it now.”
— Amazon review - December 2015

New Year’s Eve 1964. Young Irishman, Lochran Ryan, is being transported by Special Branch to a secret rendezvous with Sir Winston Churchill. Just as he arrives, a sniper tries to kill the statesman. But why kill a man who the world knows is gravely ill? This is the first of many questions that Lochran tries to answer. His quest for the truth takes him from New York, to London and Moscow, where he encounters the most ruthless criminal gangs, including Delafury – a one man crime organisation – who warns Lochran that a new force is rising that will change the world.

Churchill’s Assassin is the first in the Lochran Trilogy, an epic tale that will turn your blood to ice as the world's most notorious criminal masterminds gather to strike at the one man who may discover their secret.


'A riveting political thriller. Due the strength of characterization and plotting, the story reels you in immediately. Although Ryan and Churchill make for strange bedfellows, the concept nevertheless works brilliantly. Churchill’s Assassin is a fine mixture of historical detail, thrilling action, and detailed characterization, making for a riveting spin on one of the world’s greatest statesman that will have readers eager to pick up the next book in the series.'

Editor, Self-Publishing Review August 2017


January 1965. After the brutal murder in the orphanage and the bomb attack in London, the young Irishman, Lochran Ryan, is thrown in jail. Now Lenka, the last of the Rogues, must try and discover who was behind the attempt to assassinate her old friend, the dying Sir Winston Churchill – and why? 

Meanwhile, crime bosses from around the world assign their best assassins to eliminate Lochran, the one man who has discovered their closely guarded secret.

The Last Rogue is the second in the Lochran Trilogy, an audacious tale in which world leaders are assassinated, governments fall and a new world order rises.



"John Righten ratchets up the tension quotient tenfold in The Last Rogue. Thanks to the novel's strong characterization, steadfast narrative, and solid emphasis on historical relevance, Righten makes his story an irresistible read. The novel can easily be enjoyed as a standalone, but historical political thriller fans will most certainly want to start from the beginning of this dynamic series."


December 1965. Lochran has discovered who was behind the attempt on Sir Winston Churchill's life and why. Now he must defend himself and his family from the world's most ruthless killers - including Delafury, "a one man crime organisation". 

With the Americans and the Russians entering the arena the stage is set for the final, bloodiest battle of all.

The Alpha Wolves is the final part of the Lochran Trilogy, a tale of courage and intrigue where we learn the fate of the hunted Lochran Ryan and his adopted "family of Rogues".

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here" - The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Release date: 1st September 2018


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