The Lenka Trilogy

“1990. A young teacher volunteers for an aid mission and finds herself in the company of rogues - and the target of mercenaries.”

Heartbreak, the first novel in The Lenka Trilogy, by John Righten, release date 29th November 2019.

This completes my trio of trilogies that covers the most tumultuous century in our history. The second novel, Blood Money, will be released in 2020. The last novel in the trilogy, Stand Alone, will be released in 2021. My final novel, The Englander, a separate novel based on one of the key characters in The Lenka Trilogy, will be released 2022.


Chronology of John Righten’s novels:

The Rogues Trilogy, 1930’s pre-war epic:

Churchill’s Rogue, shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Inaugural Adventure Awards. Released 2013.

The Gathering Storm released 2014.

The Darkest Hour released 2015.


The Lochran Trilogy, 1960’s adventure thrillers:

Churchill’s Assassin released 2016.

The Last Rogue released 2017.

The Alpha Wolves released 2018.

The ‘Pane’ of Rejection, a short play that takes a wry look at writing though the acerbic encounter between the author and a critic. Released in 2017.

The Benevolence of Rogues, a humorous autobiography covering the “Rogues” I met before and during my humanitarian aid missions. Released 2012.