Review of The Last Rogue, Self-Publishing Review (US)

"John Righten ratchets up the tension quotient tenfold in The Last Rogue, a continuation of his no-holds-barred political thriller series, the Lochran Trilogy.

It seems as though Lenka Haberman’s closely guarded world has gone to hell. Katalina, a gentle Russian woman hidden in her orphanage, is brutally murdered and her son’s lover, Kirsten Brett, has been arrested in her murder. A bomb has devastated Scotland Yard and Lenka’s son, Lock, has been arrested for instigating the attack. Then there’s also the attempted assassination of her good friend, Winston Churchill. With the clock ticking, Lenka is determined to track down the mastermind behind the chaos and to do so will require keeping her friends close and her enemies even closer…

The strong personal convictions of Righten’s protagonists, Lenka and Lock, are what make The Last Rogue so compelling. Both characters are tough and abrasive to a fault, yet are fiercely protective, and both are willing to die for their cause. Thanks to the novel’s strong characterization, steadfast narrative, and solid emphasis on historical relevance, Righten makes his story an irresistible read.

Although the reader is likely better served in having read the first book in the series, The Last Rogue can easily be enjoyed as a standalone, but historical political thriller fans will most certainly want to start from the beginning of this dynamic series."

Editor, Self-Publishing Review August 2017